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Simon Barton has made the front pages of the Beeston Express

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Tram, Wellglade, Trent Barton confusion

The recent and heartbreaking tree removal process in relation to the Nottingham Tram extension (NET phase 2) to Chilwell has brought to my attention some unfortunate but understandable confusion in people’s minds which has arisen between ‘Bartons’, and one of the new tram consortium’s operators.

I believe I can clear up this confusion quite easily and hopefully nip it in the bud.

Wellglade (for whom, by the way, I have no authority to speak) are one of six members who will construct and operate the tram and its extensions. They are a local, independent East Midlands based company that own bus firms, including arguably one of the UK’s most successful, Trent Barton, that provides many services through Beeston, including ‘Indigo’

The ‘Barton’ bit of that name comes from 1989 purchase by Wellglade of the legendary bus operations of Chilwell’s Barton Transport in 1989. Wellglade had been formed to acquire the bus operations of Derbyshire’s Trent Motor Traction Limited in 1986, which were being ‘privatised’ after a period of nationalised ownership. Trent and Barton had previously competed on cordial terms on neighbouring and some shared routes for over 70 years. As such, the two operators, one based in Derbyshire and one in Nottinghamshire were an obvious and successful fit in single ownership. Be it that the ownership of the combined business is Wellgalde’s, and not Bartons, was down to a twist of fate back in 1988.

As such, I am pleased to clear up that Bartons plc of Chilwell has no connection with Trent Barton, or Wellglade , and therefore has no connection of any kind to the City of Nottingham’s tram.

Bartons plc’s only connection to transport is through our retained, extensive and world-class historical transport archive housed at Bartons in Chilwell.