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Barton House

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Much as I’m delighted to go and have a gander at what happens when you mix £9,000,000,000 with a sportsday, I’m a bit miffed that i’ll be missing the events this weekend at Barton House. Saturday sees a real coup for their monthly acoustic nights, with the splendid melancholic folky sounds of Troubador Rose playing a set, straight after a visit to Broadway cinema in town, where they will be playing the premiere of the highly-anticipated Brit-flick they’ve just soundtracked, ‘Strawberry Fields’. As I’ll be too busy gallivanting round the South East to catch them, I need loads of you to go down and represent the Beestonia Massive. Up for it? Then get your lucky arses down the Guitar Spot for tickets, or click along to here . But are they cocktails, Lord B? Oh yes. And all manner of alcoholic happiness from the in-house bar.

Then on Sunday, there’s another indoor market, an event I cannot recommend enough, despite the fact the last two were dampened, literally, by crap rainy weather. Stuff for kids, live music, eclectic stalls and best of all, a homemade sweet-stall, it’s a corker of a day out and will set you back all of £0.00 to get in. What you spend on rhubarb & custard boiled sweets in those little twisty paper bags though, is up to you.

I’d also mention the Comedy Club on Thursday, but I’d be spoiling you. You’ll have to wait for me to bang on about it next week. One piece of advice though: stock up on plastic pants now, to avoid any laughter-based accidents.