NOT the Cannes Film Festival (2012) - Review

NOT the Cannes Film Festival (2012) - Review

A great review from our 2012 Film Festival

Taken from the Left Lion website. (link here)

NOT the Cannes Film Festival

In 2012 Bartons played host to Nottingham's first ever drive-in cinema experience...

If you've been kicking round Nottingham for any time you will have placed your derriere on a Trent Barton bus to get to an exciting destination – or work – or at least seen one as you potter about your business. Originally Bartons Transport, before they sold up and merged with Trent Buses, were Europe's largest independent bus company.

But why are we giving you a potted history of independent local transport kings? Because the founder's greatgrandson has turned the old Chilwell depot, originally built in 1913, into Nottingham's newest venue, Bartons, and he's not being mingy with his events. And why would he when he's got 35,000 square feet of space to play with? Diverse doesn't even cover what's going off down Bartons; keep your peepers peeled for comedy, music, heritage and arts events, and even markets. But most of all, especially if you're a cinephile, get your diaries out and poise your pen because they are bringing a drive-in cinema to Nottingham for the very first time. Yes, a real-life drive-in cinema. It'll be like Nottingham has turned into Rydell or Milwaukee, and leather biker jackets will be in fashion once again.

Films will be projected from a heritage Bartons recovery vehicle onto a ten-metre-wide screen whilst the sound will be sent directly to your car radio. There will also be a bar with food and drinks so you can proper hunker down and enjoy yourself. The scheduled films take in some absolute car classics with Bullitt, Senna, Vanishing Point and American Graffiti. Ticket prices range from £6 per person to £17.50 for a car; a downright bargain if you've got a seven-seater.

Set in the vast area behind the depot, you can drive up and watch in your car or, if you don't have a car, sit in the open air. Plus, for one of the nights you can hire a classic car to kick back and get retro in. All we need now is for the weather to hang in there for four short nights.