A spectacular early summer morning

A spectacular early summer morning

Just before 9am on Friday the 7th of June, 2013. I've been up for a while, on my tod, on a spectacular early summer morning. I've been busy doing what I know no man on earth has just done, because I have been reorganising The Garage at Bartons for the major shut down (tram construction related, I'll write more on this anon).

Now to the photo, and to the point. I've started and moved 5 vehicles with a combined age of 294 years. Every single one started first touch of the button, every clutch and brake and gear worked as they should. Every vehicle, I believe, was this morning capable of setting off and doing the job it was built for, in one case, the AEC Recovery truck, as long as 65 years ago.

As far as I know, every nut, bolt, crankshaft and body part was designed and crafted here in Great Britain. Some of these vehicles will quite literally have carried full loads of passengers over millions of road miles.

And as I say I am here on my own, not with the 200 maintenance staff that once worked on this site at Chilwell. And what of the workers of AEC, Leyland, Dennis, and those jobs?

I pottered down to Watford earlier this week to see if I could find someone to ask. Not too much about what is going on there in the mainstream press, yet.

And yes, it was a bit unusual being politely moved along by the police, and being hovered over by their little helicopter. I was only having a look and riding my bike. As you will see, things became a little interesting.

Talking of little, back to the Chilwell photo - don't be concerned, all the vehicles are a similar size, its just that the little ones 'are far away'.

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